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3rd Battalion Rock Troop Ops - 1971

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Reprinted from: Military.Com Unit Pages - June 27, 2002

Bulletin Board for 173rd Airborne Brigade

In early 1971 3rd Bat. deployed to An Khe. Numerous combat and recon operations were conducted by the Rock Troopers including many night ambush missions. The relentless Skysoldier's efforts severely hampered the movement of VC and NVA forces using the well established Ho Chi Minh trails. Such operations conducted through the monsoon season day and night provided security for the local population of that region. One such notable operation was conducted by a 7-member 3rd Bat. recon team, eliminating 11 enemy VC/NVA and capturing numerous weapons. In March of 1971 the battle weary battalion left LZ English and relocated their Tactical Operations Center (TOC) to LZ Uplift. With support from the well known Casper Platoon Huey Slicks, the Rock Troops conducted combat operations in the Phu My, Hoai An, and Hoai Nhon Districts. The infamous 3rd Battalion Skysoldiers saw combat in the Tiger Mountains, "Happy" Valley, the Nui Mieu, and Binh Dinh Province in major operations such as "Greene Lightning", "Green Storm", and "Greene Sure". Later in 1971 the 173d Airborne Brigade left Viet Nam with its' colors to return to Fort Campbell/Kentucky and left yet another legend for the recently re-activated brigade to carry on.