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By Ned Costa, Casper Crew Chief

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Casper Honored At Work On Veterans Day

FALLON, MO (Nov 2005) - Jack Marshall was a Casper Mechanic and Door Gunner from March to August 1969. Now, if the photo looks familiar to you, it should. It originally appeared in the Time Life Magazine "Sky Soldier" and shows a Casper Platoon Huey as it prepares to extract a team of 173d Airborne Brigade Sky Soldiers from an extremely HOT Landing Zone in the An Lao Valley. The troops were pinned down by Viet Cong sniper fire near the Ai Loa River on March 29, 1970. The troop extraction was a successful mission.

This photo is really special to Jack as he was the person responsible for painting the nose art on that helicopter used in the extraction mission, along with a few others during his tour.

For more information and a larger view of the photo: Extraction Photo

Jack Marshall: