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By Ned Costa, Casper Crew Chief

Fishing Trip In Alaska

KETCHIKAN, AK (2006) - Phil and Maureen Johnson while taking some additional R&R in Alaska. In the photo below, our two are sitting on the pontoon skids of this completely reconditioned Bell 206. This aircraft is owned by Wayne Speers who invited them for a 10 day flying and fishing trip in Ketchikan.

When they weren't flying, they spent the remainder of the time on his 110 foot yacht and met up with a group of 20 friends that were staying at a fishing camp about three hours north of Ketchikan -- Phil said the King Salmon and Trout fishing were great, unfortunately, they didn't get very many Halibut.

Phil Johnson:

I am no expert Phil, but in one of the photo to the above, it looks like you may have had a "flashback" and was flying a combat assault mission into the An Lao Valley -- I could be wrong?

Phil was a Casper Platoon Pilot at LZ English from February 1969 to 1970. He mainly flew OH-6A Cayuse's, but on occasion, he would also fly UH-1H Huey's.

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