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By Ned Costa, Casper Crew Chief

Caspers Spotted at Big Bear Lake

BIG BEAR, CA (2005) - Ned & Kitty Costa enjoyed a weekend of R&R at Randy & Susan Plese's new cabin in Big Bear, California. While out on a nature walk, they were surprised to discover the big social event of the year was about to take place nearby, it was a 3 Dog Night concert. Although they did not attend the concert, the sight and sound did bring back some memories.

Ned Costa:

Randy Plese:

Ned Costa was a Casper Crew Chief 7/68 -7/69.

Randy Plese was a Casper Pilot 11/69 - 11/70.

Both men served at LZ English, Bong Son.

Ned Costa                                                         Randy Plese

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