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By: Ned Costa, Casper Crew Chief

Casper Weekend at Sparky's

MANTON, MI (Aug 2010) - Casper Door Gunner Leo "Sparky" Sparks opened his home again to several Caspers and their family members (August 14th & 15th) for a weekend Bar-B-Que. This annual event called "LZ Sparky" is held each year in Manton, Michigan were he enjoys meeting with fellow Caspers.

Sparky also served in D-Maintenance during his tour at LZ English, Bong Son 1/69 - 9/70.

In the photo are: Larry Kahila, Mariyln Jones, Ray French, Cliff White, Walt Henderson, Terry Gallagher, Leo Sparks, Jimmy Pollan, Ted Baysinger, Patty Westlund, Wally Bahriak, John Wilkofsky, Randy Schweitzer, Jerry Hollis, Art McBride, Doug Walton, Randy Vestal & Tom Quinn.

Leo Sparks: has no email.

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