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By Ned Costa, Casper Crew Chief

Caspers Still "Born To Be Wild"

Following their tours in Vietnam, several of our Caspers have taken up such exciting activities as skydiving, hang gliding, parasailing and other interesting sports. Some of our guys are also bike enthusiasts who are still "Riding down the highway, looking for adventure or whatever comes their way." They love and enjoy the freedom of the open road. Some have participated in "Rolling Thunder" rides to Washington, DC.

As these motorcycling veterans still embrace the thrill of the great unknown... Move over Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper -- Caspers coming thru!

Zelner Houchin                            Cliff White                              Jack Marshall                    Bruce Neva                                 Buddy King

John Wilkofsky                   Dennis D'Andrea                  Ken Jones                                  One of our favorite places to stop at after a long ride!

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