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By Ned Costa, Casper Crew Chief

Small World... Isn't it!

WASHINGTON, DC (2003) - Casper Pilot Cliff White recently bought a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and before you knew it, he was off to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial for this years Memorial Day celebrations.

While at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial "The Wall", he saw a fellow who was wearing a cap with a 173d patch in front. As Cliff started to approach this SkySoldier, he noticed the Casper patch on Cliff's hat. The other guy was Casper Crew Chief Milton "Tex"' Ladnier. A fellow Casper.

Both Caspers served at LZ English. Cliff White 9/68 - 12/68 and Tex Ladnier 5/70 - 11/70.

Cliff White:

Milton Ladnier:

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