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By Tom Quinn, Casper Crew Chief

Casper Reunion In Texas

LAMPASAS, TX (Jan 2009) - Casper Tom Quinn and Doug Walton met and shared another great time together at Tom's house in Lampasas, Texas.

Doug and Cheri stopped by on the 5th of January and spent a week with Tom and Linda. We had a pretty good time, said Tom. We got ourselves some Texas Bar-B-Q and went to a FAA/$-H Stock show and saw some pigs, goats, lambs and cows. We also went to the Sportsman's Warehouse and spent a couple hours wishing. Then on Saturday, Doug and I took off to look at some new cars... Smart Cars as the are called made by Mercedes. These two seater's get 41 miles to a gallon of gas. During our visit, we also went to Crawford, TX. Is where the western white house has been for the last eight years.

Tom Quinn was a Casper Crew Chief and served from 6/69-1/72. Doug Walton was a Casper Door Gunner and served from 6/69-8/70. Both men served at LZ English, Bong Son during this time, as pictured below.

Tom Quinn:

Doug Walton:

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