Casper aviation platoon Model Dioramas

Vietnam War Helicopter Model Dioramas

Built By Ned Costa

This website section displays helicopter model dioramas that depict various scenes in Southeast Asia featuring the different aircraft flown by the Casper Aviation Platoon.

Casper Platoon was the only separate aviation platoon in the United States Army during the Vietnam War.  Casper was organized with the 173d Airborne Brigade on Okinawa in 1963 and arrived in country with the Brigade on May 5, 1965 becoming the first U.S. Army ground unit committed to the Vietnam War. Casper left Vietnam with the Brigade in August 1971.  Assigned Casper aircraft included the: OH-13S, UH-1H, OH-6A & OH-58A Helicopters. "Ghost Town" was located on the east side of LZ English and right next to what we called  "Sniper Village.” This was a popular VC area after the sun went down.

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