Casper aviation platoon LZ English, Bong Son

Photo Gallery: LZ English “Ghost Town”

Landing Zone English (LZ English)

LZ English was a firebase and home to the 173d Airborne Brigade. These "Sky Soldiers" were arguably the best light infantry in the world and operated from LZ English and several other firebase's in the area of the Bong Son plains. Their missions took them deep into the mountains which framed the An Loa valley and the 506 valley.

During our Tour of Duty in Vietnam, the Casper Platoon was relocated four times and finally called LZ English our home from early 1968 to 1971. Casper's "Ghost Town" was located on the east side of LZ English and right next to what we called  "Sniper Village.” This was a popular VC area after the sun went down.

LZ English - Bong Son, Vietnam 1969

Downtown Bong Son, Vietnam 1969

Bong Son

was a village situated alongside the very shallow and wide Song Lai Giang River. Highway QL-1 crossed the river here over two bridges. Bong Son had been a hotbed of VC activity for twenty years before American troops arrived in the fall of 1965.

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