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54 Casper Aviation Platoon Website Awards

The Website Awards displayed on this page were presented by fellow Aviation Units, Military Community and Vietnam Veteran groups.  We are proud and honored to have received these awards.- - Thank You!


Is Extremely Proud To Present The


For Website Excellence


Ned Costa

For His Site


For His Continuing Hard Work And Support

 Of All Veterans!

This Award Is Presented With Heartfelt Gratitude From The Veterans And Members Of Vietnam Veterans World Wide


Award Committee

Vietnam Veterans World Wide

In recognition of a well thought out and an extremely informative web site, I would like to present Ned Costa with the Mortars in Miniature Gold Bomb Award of Excellence. Your dedication to the memory of the Casper Aviation Platoon and it's history is to be highly commended, and salute you and your efforts for an absolutely excellent and knowledgeable presence on the Internet!

Grateful and proud of your service!


Mortars in Miniature Staff

Gold Bomb

Award of


Presented to

Cyber Sarge's

Silver Eagle


Site Award


Casper Aviation


Congratulations, Your web site has just been awarded the Cyber Sarge's Web Site Presentation Award.


Site Award

Presented to

Casper Aviation Platoon

Congratulations! Your military website has been selected as a top Military site! Award Committee

Award of Excellence

This award is presented to

For its Veteran Awareness in reaching active duty service members and veterans on the web.

In Appreciation

To Our


In appreciation to Ned Costa, Webmaster and the Father of the Casper Aviation Platoon Website.  We thank you for your many hours of hard work bringing the website and us together again.

Your Friends from Casper Platoon

Casper Aviation Platoon Reunion

Las Vegas 2002

Grunt Award

Presented to

Casper Aviation Platoon


You have a great site, and I am pleased to award you with Grunt's Web Award.

Grunt's Military Site

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