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PHOTO ALBUMS: These Casper Aviation Platoon photo albums are a powerful collection of more than 1,000 pictures that historically documents our units combat role and involvement during the Vietnam War from early 1965 thru 1971.


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Flight Operations Cleark SP4 Mike Wallace at Bien Hoa in 1965

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Robert McDonald at "Ghost Town" LZ English 1969

Lucky for Casper Crew Chief SP5 John Evenson, no VC snipers in village next to the flight line 1969

Pilot WO1 Roger Schuster posing for a photo along side of Casper 571 at next LZ English 1968

Crew Chief SP5 Rick Canning enjoying a smoke and beer near An Khe 1968

At LZ English Ed Monarez, WO1 Roger Schuster, unk, SFC Maness, LT Erwin & LT Heck in 1968

Casper Door Gunner SP4 Francis Big Crow inside his hooch in "Ghost Town" LZ English in 1969

Someone is "Going Home" while Caspers prepare the flight line for the fly-by at LZ English 1969

Card game going on and Casper Crew Chief Milton Ladnier looks over his shoulder 1970

Roy Kellogg, Jerry Brown, Tony Zupanic, Tommy Linville, Robert McDonald & Bob Thomas 1969

Casper Pilot CW2 Don McKeough supervising a game of Monopoly at LZ English 1969

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Tommy Linville sitting inside his hooch at LZ English 1969

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Bruce Neva on the flight line next to his "Inferno" LOH at LZ English 1969

Casper Door Gunner Carl Louvring at Bien Hoa in 1966

The "well" at Ghost Town LZ English 1968. Do you remember the frags!

Casper Avionics Specialist SP5 Charles Flick soaking up the sun at LZ English 1969

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Ned Costa LZ English 1968

A game of pool and a cold beer anyone?  IF yes, then I’ll meet you at the"Casper Club" at LZ English in 1969

Unknown Casper 1969

Unknown Casper 1969

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