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PHOTO ALBUMS: These Casper Aviation Platoon photo albums are a powerful collection of more than 1,000 pictures that historically documents our units combat role and involvement during the Vietnam War from early 1965 thru 1971.


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"World War l Flyers" Pilots Ken Thomas & Randy Plese at LZ English in 1970

Casper Door Gunner SP4 Willis Little & Avionics SP5 Charles Flick at LZ English 1968

Casper CO & Pilot Cpt Stan Striecher on a command & control mission 1968

Ukn Casper (L), SP4 Tim "Hot Rod" Rodriguez DG, behind him SP5 Mike Nuckols CC & WO1 Gordy Anderson 1968

Casper SP5 Glenn Hehner & Platoon SSgt Robert Page in front of Casper Operations 1969

Casper Award Ceremony. Receiving decorations are SP5 Bruce Neva, SP5 Jeff Hume & SP5 Ned Costa in 1969

Casper Door Gunner SP4 Donald Deboles getting ready for the next mission LZ English in 1969

The construction of our new wooden barracks is almost finished at LZ English March 1969

"Top Dog" Jay-Bo Willie Casper watching over us in Ghost Town in 1968

"Inferno" Crew Chiefs SP5 Bruce Neva & SP5 Bob White next to Inferno 592 LZ English 1968

Casper Maintenance Officer Jim Eldridge taking it easy at "Ghost Town" LZ English 1969

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Edward Sabo flexing his muscle at "Ghost Town" 1969

Confirmed Kills marked on Casper 069 LZ English 1969

Casper Pilot Don McKeough is standing on the Casper flight line at LZ English 1968

Casper Pilot WO1 Phil Johnson holding OH-6 skid with bullet hole in it "Ghost Town" 1969

WO1 Ray O'Connor, Sgt David Schall, SP5 Glenn Hehner & SP5 Roberto Gomez LZ English 1969

Casper Pilots WO1 Mike Gauntt & WO1 Ray O'Connor "Ghost Town" 1969

Serious card game going on with WO1's Peter Hooper, Larry Edlifson, Jim Stickler & Hank Echols at Dak To 1968

Casper Pilot WO1 Tony Bolivar (R) & other Crew Member standing by their ship after engine failure Tuy Hoa 1967

Jay-Bo Willie Casper taking it easy in the shade of a Huey in Kontum 1967

SP4 John Potts, Door Gunner sitting in the doorway of his ship Casper 293 LZ English 1970

Casper Pilot CW2 George Clouse relaxing in the shade at a fishing village in Tam Quan 1969

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Michael Caylor & Sgt Vernon Taylor at "Ghost Town" LZ English 1968

Casper Door Gunner SP4 Doug Walton (L) standing next to a very hairy Johnnie K. Rogers & Robert McDonald 1969

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Jerry Brown & Pilot WO1 Roger Schweitzer next to the powerful light on Night Hawk 1970

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