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Cpt David Roessler & WO1 Gary Horowitz on the Casper flight line, LZ English 1970

WO1 Gordon Anderson, CW2 Larry Pippen & crew refueling during a mission 1968

SP5 Jeffery Fales was our Casper who directed the building of our wooden barracks 1969

Pilot CW2 J.R. Piccola flying somewhere over the Cenral Highlands June 1968

Casper Pilot WO2 Gary O'Leary walking thru "Ghost Town" LZ English, Bong Son 1970

Casper Door Gunner SP4 Warren Byxbee outside his wooden barracks at "Ghost Town" 1970

Crew Chief SP5 Jamie Longoria at his leaving Ghost Town party and returning to CONUS. LZ English 1970

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Neil McFarland taking a break by his tent in "Ghost Town" 1968

WO Bill Reynolds (L) and WO Ken Jones parked on a highway near Xuan Loc 1966

"Clear on the Left" Casper 023 taking off on a mission from LZ English, Bong Son 1969

LOH Crew Chiefs SP5’s Richard Canning, KIA 10/4/69 & Robert Gomez, KIA 8/18/69

Inferno Pilot Cpt James "JJ" Jones having a smoke with another Pilot on the flight line LZ English 1969

Casper Door Gunner Steven Spencer tending the bar at the Casper Club in Ghost Town 1969

Casper Pilot WO1 Mark Koebbe "Ghost Town" LZ Englsih 1970

CW2 Larry Pippen standing next to his vehicle in An Khe 1969

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Ned Costa standing on the Casper flight line at LZ English 1969

This was not one of the Casper "Tuesday Night Steak Barbeques" An Khe 1968

Cpt Stan Streicher, Casper CO standing on the flight line at LZ English 1968

Casper Pilot WO1 George Echols & Crew Chief SP5 Larry Powell (rear) Dak To area 1967

Pilot CW2 Larry Kahila flying Casper 031 near LZ Uplift May 1968

Looking Northeast past the Casper Operations Hut at an air strike in progress on Monster Mountain. LZ English 1969

Casper Pilot CW2 Bill Fielding & WO1 Bob Rousseau prior to lift-off at LZ English 1969

The "Ghost Town" Showers at LZ English 1970

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Terry Gallagher & Pilot CW2 Don McKeough finding shade under the tail of their ship 1969

Nighthawk Pilots CW2 Ken Thomas & WO1 Laird Griffiths on the Casper flight line at LZ English, Bong Son 1970

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PHOTO ALBUMS: These Casper Aviation Platoon photo albums are a powerful collection of more than 1,000 pictures that historically documents our units combat role and involvement during the Vietnam War from early 1965 thru 1971.


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