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PHOTO ALBUMS: These Casper Aviation Platoon photo albums are a powerful collection of more than 1,000 pictures that historically documents our units combat role and involvement during the Vietnam War from early 1965 thru 1971.


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OH-23 Raven parked on  Casper flight line at LZ English in 1969

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Bob Wooldridge at LZ English 1969

Casper Door Gunner SP4 Leo Sparks enjoying a "Cold One" in his hooch at LZ English in 1969

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Jimmy Pollan & Door Gunner SP4 Warren Byxbee in their hooch at LZ English 1969

Casper's Ghost Town at LZ English in 1970

They got the idea for "Rambo" from this photo of Casper Crew Chief SP5 Tommy Linville at the Bong Son River in 1969

Casper Pilot CW2 Don McKeough & Door Gunner SP4 Hank Martinez on the flight line at LZ English in 1969

General Barnes' Pilots AC Lt Roger Schuster, CP WO1 Jim Revoir & CG Aide CPT John Bolton near Qui Nhon Harbor in 1969

Casper Pilot Lt Joe Cole LZ English 1969

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Tony "Zap" Zupanzic in his hooch at LZ English 1969

Chinook sling loading another Chinook at LZ English 1970

Casper Door Gunner SP4 Willis Little & Crew Chief SP5 Sal Sosa "Ghost Town" 1969

Unknown Casper 1970

Casper Pilot CW2 Kirt Butler & Crew Chief SP5 Bill Nottingham overlooking the Soui Cau Valley 1969

Casper Avionics Specialist Leslie Uchida LZ English 1970

Casper Pilot Cpt Jim Jeffryes in the Bong Son area 1969

Jay-Bo Willie Casper "Ghost Town" LZ English 1969

Caspers "Ghost Town" LZ English 1971

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Monty Evans points out .51 cal damage to OH-58A main rotorblade LZ English 1970

Casper Pilot Cpt Rod Beasley was also a fixed wing aviator in Bien Hoa 1965

Casper Pilot Cpt Jerry Terry was also our company commander in 1967

Jay-Bo Willie Casper on patrol around LZ English in 1968

Casper Pilot WO1 Pete Hooper in Kontum 1967

Casper Crew Chief SP5 Terry Lee Parker at LZ English 1969

"Casper Flag" waving proudly in platoon area at Camp Anari, Pleiko June 1967

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